5 (More) Players You Must-Follow On Twitter This NFL Season

Mashable had a great post earlier this week by @PUBLISIDE that highlighted 20 NFL Players that are “Must-Follows.” The list had some mainstays like @OGOchoCinco and @Jones_Drew32, but also featured some lesser known Gridiron Tweeps who should also be followed. Great list PUBLISIDE, but here are 5 more players that everyone Must-Follow on Twitter this NFL Season:

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans, @ChrisJohnson28
A lot of fans will remember Chad Ochocinco for using uStream, but Chris Johnson was one of the first NFL stars to get on uStream and video-chat live with fans. Johnson, the NFL’s leading rusher, now has close to 28,000 followers on Twitter, and that number will definitely grow as the second year back out of East Carolina continues to dominate NFL defenses with his tremendous speed and vision. If you want to watch an exciting player, check out Chris Johnson burn defenses week after week. Johnson is also a leader in the social media realm with his interesting tweets, twitpics, and uStream videos – a must-follow!

Shaun Phillips, San Diego Chargers, @ShaunPhillips95
Shaun Phillips averaged 8 sacks a year over the past two seasons, but a more impressive statistic may be his huge following on Twitter. With close to 45,000 followers, ShaunPhillips95 is one of the most popular NFL players in social media. Shaun regularly tweets about his (Taurus) horoscope and often responds directly to his fans (must have been reading this).

Mike Sims-Walker, Jacksonville Jaguars, @MikeSimsWalker
The self proclaimed “best kept secret in Jacksonville” is starting to reveal himself to the rest of the league. Sims-Walker recently added the “Sims” prefix to his last name to honor his late father, Michael Sims, similar to what teammate Maurice Jones-Drew did before his rookie season. Sims-Walker has become David Garrard’s #1 target in Jacksonville and has caught 19 balls with 3 Touchdowns over the past three games this season. On Twitter, the breakout WR often tweets about his life off the field and even reveals some of the Jags’ defensive strategies against Titans RB Chris Johnson.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets, @mark_sanchez
Mark Sanchez, Rookie Quarterback for the New York Jets, is pretty transparent when it comes to updating on Twitter. With over 60,000 followers, there are a lot of people listening to what the rookie has to say. I’ve already commented on Sanchez using Twitter to extend his sponsorship with Toyota, but Sanchez’s recent tweet is his best to date.

Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens, @RayRice27
2nd Year Back Ray Rice has contributed to the Ravens strong offensive performance so far this season. The 3-1 Ravens seem to be dominating as much on offense as defense, a change that has surprised most of the NFL. You can tell Rice’s passion for football by following him on Twitter – he’s continuously watching film but takes time to relax to watch more football.


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  3. Gail Sideman - October 10, 2009 6:24 pm

    There are arguments for so many of these and many other NFL players who “should” be followed on Twitter. I actually had Chris Johnson (Titans) on my finalist list for the Mashable.com post but for whatever hit me the night I finished it, he didn’t make my final 20. I noted Mark Sanchez, as well, but he didn’t make the list because he doesn’t interact with fans/followers; his tweets are one-way.

    Other reasons I didn’t include some players: their posts are a word or two and as someone who is looking to “learn” something about them and what makes them tick on and off the field, you can’t figure out what they are writing about.

    Everybody has different criteria for why they follow players, or people in general. If you simply want to follow athletes that you love regardless of how they use Twitter, go for it! For me, I want information and insight into the person. Also, to me, what really makes a quality tweeter is interaction with fans. If a player takes a few minutes each week to communicate with followers, he moves to the top of my list.

    Great stuff and food for thought, Justin.


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