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Facebook Ads Major Update: More Automation Added

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Today I have another quick update for you regarding the new scaling automation that Facebook has rolled out.

You may recall my recent post which addressed why Facebook is overcharging you and why it’s a GOOD thing.

So, why is it a GOOD thing?

Facebook has far more data than we do making them inherently smarter than us….so let them help us! Furthermore, this takes the emotions out of scaling. Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t have feelings and that’s a great thing for us – all Facebook will do is ask itself: Are there more impressions left? Are they worthwhile? If the answers are yes and yes, then Facebook will go ahead and scale for you!

Now, Facebook has a setting where you can allow them to spend 25% more than your daily budget if they feel it is worthwhile.

How do you access this brilliant new feature?

  • Go to you your Facebook business account
  • Go to Ads Manager
  • On the campaign level select a campaign and then hit edit
  • Hit the new button called Adjust Budget:


This new feature also gives you options for different percentage points to increase by per day or you can toggle the dollar amount up to $100 increase per day.

A few things to note, you would never set this up on day one of an ad. You need data first of course. Thus, wait and see if your ad is getting some traction with your audience.

….if it is getting traction, marketing 101 tells us: if you have something that works show it to more similar people.

This is where the adjust budget feature comes in.

You may not have this feature yet, but definitely get excited about this and test it out when you have it!

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