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How To Increase Sales Using The Comments Section Of Your Facebook Ads

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As you know, I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve sales and I am excited to share this new feature with you.

We all know how important the “Comments” section of our Facebook Ads are. People can like, share and comment, which allows you to drive custom to your store. But if you get negative comments, this can also have a bad effect on your relavent score and deliverability, not to mention the cost of your Ads!

When you are using the “Comments” section correctly (and I hope you are!) you will be using it to stay active and visible, driving people to your store and answering any relavent questions to help keep that personal touch.

“Remember, People buy from people”

As you may know, the problem with using simple text to reply to a potential customer, is that the emotion and human touch can often be lost in a quick comment. How many have you misinterpreted a text from a work colleague or family member?

The problem is that today’s market, especially on social media platforms want the human touch.

“We all want to align ourselves with people not just products”

In early June 2016 Facebook the ability to use videos in the comments section. What does this mean for me you ask? You all now have a huge opportunity to add your face and personality to the comment section, therefore humanizing your personal Brand on a whole new level.

Below are some great examples of how to maximize this feature!

– Leverage with a call to Action!
Encourage your customers to leave short testimonials for appreciation clips with a product this is a great way to provide instant social proof without spending a penny!

– Humanize your Brand!
Know that feeling when someone calls you by name having only met you once, feels good right?

Research has shown that this simple gesture can help to form lasting customer relationships (providing you have a great product of service) with only the slightest effort! In a world where we have access to millions of potential customers, imagine being able to stand out on a one-to-one basis, this personal touch will increase sales and further add your persona to your personal brand.

“We like to search up people with the same character values”

– People buy into why you do it!
Take advantage of this feature by recording a video outlining why you started why this product? Maybe a quick statement for your brand? In a world full of huge Walmarts and faceless CEO’s, this will further connect you with your audience, yes ….. audience! Cult Following anyone?

– Take your customer on a walk through!
A quick 30 second screen cast to walk your customer through the purchase is priceless. Just as I have had an amazing response to walking people through my website build during my webinars , this can be done here in the “Comment” section on a smaller scale but with great effect!

Now it’s your turn…..please feel free to like “Comment” & share this video & if your not already in my closed facebook group “Cener Shopify Mastermind” get yourself joined up! You will see me on there regularly doing my best to help you succeed. Talk soon!

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Justin Cener is a lifelong entrepreneur and proud "crazy cat guy." After launching Crowd Seats, a Groupon-inspired technology startup, Cener sold the business to a venture-backed competitor in Hollywood, CA and moved onto Shopify. On top of running numerous successful stores, Justin mentors countless students and runs a handful of high profile celebrity Shopify stores using the same strategies he teaches in his Bootcamp Coaching Programs.