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Shopify Tutorial: Picking An Ecommerce Niche

So you have chosen a niche for your Shopify Store, now what? I get this question all the time and today I’m going to layout exactly what you need to do in order to effectively enter your niche and become a competitive player right off-the-bat. This is the perfect post

September 13, 2016 0 Read More

30 Minute Shopify Setup Guide Walkthrough and Tutorial

If you’re trying to do anything with ecommerce, you 1000% need to be using Shopify. There really isn’t any alternative than even comes close to the features, functionality, support, and community that Shopify has to offer. Whether you’re selling t-shirts, dropshipping from AliExpress, or even selling digital products, Shopify has

September 6, 2016 0 Read More

Facebook Ads Major Update: More Automation Added

Today I have another quick update for you regarding the new scaling automation that Facebook has rolled out. You may recall my recent post which addressed why Facebook is overcharging you and why it’s a GOOD thing. So, why is it a GOOD thing? Facebook has far more data than we

August 19, 2016 0 Read More

Super Powerful Facebook Ads Website Custom Audience Updates

Today’s post is an important news update from Facebook, and in case you haven’t it seen already, I just wanted to quickly share with you the powerful new marketing features Facebook is rolling out (announced in early May, 2016). So what’s the deal? Well, the most important and exciting part

August 5, 2016 0 Read More

Facebook Ads Tutorial: Flex Targeting to Narrow Audience Explained

Simply put, “flex targeting”, also known as “intersecting” or the “narrow audience tool”,  allows you to create laser-focused high-converting Facebook ads, when implemented properly. Before you go crazy and start creating insanely targeted ads with the information I’m going to give you, here are the prerequisites: You have to have a

August 3, 2016 0 Read More

How To Increase Sales Using The Comments Section Of Your Facebook Ads

As you know, I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve sales and I am excited to share this new feature with you. We all know how important the “Comments” section of our Facebook Ads are. People can like, share and comment, which allows you to drive

July 29, 2016 0 Read More

Shopify Tutorial: Turn $8 Into $2500 With Abandonment Cart Recovery

Are you leaving money on the table with your Shopify store? If you’re not aggressively attempting to recover abandoned shopping carts, you are missing out on thousands! Why You Need Abandonment Protector – And How To Set It Up TODAY, I’m super excited to share with you an über easy

July 27, 2016 0 Read More

Custom Cat Shopify T-Shirts Integration Tutorial and Guide

Do you hear that? It’s the smooth, gentle, purr of CustomCat orders being automatically fulfilled from your Shopify store. In case you’ve never heard of CustomCat, it is one of the absolute best Shopify T-Shirt Print On Demand partner, perfect for shirts and other garments, and offers a wide range of benefits

July 24, 2016 0 Read More

Facebook Ads Tutorial: Website Conversion Photo Post Ad Hidden Trick

Website Conversion Photo Posts are easily the number one Facebook Ad objective available to marketers. It’s imperative that anyone doing anything on Facebook Ads understands how to unlock this somewhat hidden functionality. The Website Conversion Photo Post is a hybrid ad type combining the Website Conversion objective (which leverages the

July 22, 2016 0 Read More

Facebook Ads Shortcut: Adding An Ad Set Into An Existing Campaign

The Facebook Ads Power Editor is a super-powered tool that you should be leveraging for your Facebook Marketing Campaigns. You can easily split-test and scale your ad sets in just a few clicks, once you figure out the learning curve that exists inside the Power Editor. Oh, and that learning

July 20, 2016 0 Read More