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Facebook Ads Tutorial: Website Conversion Photo Post Ad Hidden Trick

Website Conversion Photo Posts are easily the number one Facebook Ad objective available to marketers. It’s imperative that anyone doing anything on Facebook Ads understands how to unlock this somewhat hidden functionality. The Website Conversion Photo Post is a hybrid ad type combining the Website Conversion objective (which leverages the

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Facebook Ads Shortcut: Adding An Ad Set Into An Existing Campaign

The Facebook Ads Power Editor is a super-powered tool that you should be leveraging for your Facebook Marketing Campaigns. You can easily split-test and scale your ad sets in just a few clicks, once you figure out the learning curve that exists inside the Power Editor. Oh, and that learning

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Facebook Is Overcharging Your Ad Spend And It’s A Good Thing

Facebook dropped a small but interesting ads update regarding how they will spend your daily budgets at their recent F8 Developer Conference in July 2016. Basically, they’re going to overcharge you.  And that’s a good thing. According to their recent 2.8 API update, you may be charged 25% more than

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How To Bulk Edit Products In Shopify

Justin Cener here with a quick video on how to do bulk editing of your products inside of Shopify. Bulk editing is perfect when you have multiple variants on your product and don’t want to sit there editing each one individually. There’s a couple ways to do it… The old fashioned

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Automated Facebook Ads Comment Moderation Using Page Settings

Justin Cener here with a quick but powerful tip to keep your Facebook Ads working perfectly. This is going to save you a lot of time, frustration, and, most importantly, headaches. I’m going to show you how to setup automatic page moderation and more specifically, post moderation in terms of comments

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How Pokemon Go Just Created The Next Big Marketing Channel

Pokemon Go is a worldwide hit. It’s been out for just a handful of days and anyone who’s followed the game’s meteoric rise to the top of the App Stores can attest to that. You can’t go on social media without seeing someone’s latest catch or newest evolution or, and

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4 Ways of Using Facebook Video Comments to Positively Impact Your Ads

I’m always a fan of staying ahead of the curve. As soon as Facebook releases a new feature, or there’s a sign of change, I try to jump on top of it right away. Those that know me a little by now, will know that I try to find out

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Measuring Facebook Ad Success

Measuring success on your Facebook Ads can be very complex. If you are only looking at how many clicks you got, you may be overlooking important data. There are a lot of options when it comes to reporting tools and metrics and some carry more weight than others. Here are

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Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting

To acheive the greates return on your Facebook advertising investment, you need to understand your target audience. Use the following tips to keep your cost per click low and conversion rates high. 1. Research Audience Data: Using the search tool bar, type the phrase “pages likes by people who like

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Latest Facts & Stats For Facebook Marketers

Things change pretty quick in the Facebook world and marketers need to keep up with the rapid growth. In 2008 when the first social media network was “just a passing fad” there were about 50 million users. Today thee are nearly 1.4 billion users worldwide. The USA and Canada is

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