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2015 Facebook Cheat Sheet – All Sizes, Dimensions, and Guidelines

Just released for 2015 – the totally updated Facebook Cheat Sheet including all image sizes, dimensions, and guidelines. If you’re a Facebook Marketer, save this cheat sheet ASAP! Included below is the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions, Facebook Profile Photo Dimensions, Photo Post Ad Sizes, and much more.

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How To Prevent a Facebook Ads Account Suspension

Facebook is all about their users – all 1.5+ Billion of them, so it’s no surprise that they look to enforce rules and regulations that preserve a high-end user experience. For Facebook Marketing Experts, that means keeping up with an ever-changing landscape of rules, guidelines, and tactics. The quickest way

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Put Up or Shut Up – Live Facebook Ad Campaigns December 2014

The term expert or ninja gets thrown around a lot these days. It seems like everyone and their dog wants to pitch themselves as a social media expert. I like to put up or shut up, so here’s just a few of my current campaigns running as of early December

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5 Holiday and Christmas Facebook Marketing Tips

From Black Friday-on, consumers are ready to spend. For Facebook Ad Marketers, it is important to take advantage of the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. Crafting a Facebook Marketing Strategy for the holidays is a no-brainer for marketers who hope to tap into the increased spending habits of

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Facebook Introduces Its Own Google AdWords-like Quality Score

Facebook has very quickly emerged as the most effective medium to acquire users who are engaged and loyal, but you need to understand why your campaign is performing or not in order to keep costs at a minimum. For those looking to acquire leads with Facebook Ads, three new insights

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Awesome Tool to Randomly Pick a Winner for Facebook Timeline Contests or Giveaways

Facebook recently changed their guidelines regarding contests and giveaways for Facebook Pages.  The new change allows Page Admins the ability to run contests without the need for a 3rd Party Contest App.  What does this mean?  Facebook Admins can now run contests directly in the Timeline through a simple status

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Facebook To Penalize Overly Promotional Content From Brand Pages

With 1 Billion active monthly users, there’s simply no reason for businesses not to be on Facebook. The opportunity to engage with, and drive traffic from, potential customers makes the social network one of the biggest and best mediums for brand-to-consumer communication. Facebook loves the added engagement brands (and pages)

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Facebook Simplifies Custom Audiences With New Filtering for Advertisers

Custom audiences are a powerful addition to any Facebook Marketing Strategy, but if you asked Marketers what their number one complaint is, they’d all tell you it’s the interface. There was little done to the original interface when Facebook rolled out custom audiences to the masses. It was easy to

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Coming Soon on Facebook: Identify Valuable and Irrelevant Fans With One Click

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Facebook Adds Football Specific Ad Targeting Options as Behaviors

It’s Fall and for a huge portion of consumers, that means its time for Football. Sports is big business for advertisers and Football is the biggest. Today, Facebook rolled out an additional way for advertisers to target football fans. A new type of behavior has been added to the Ads

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