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How To: Uncover Your Competitors Facebook Ads


There are dozens of marketing tools that you are probably already using to monitor your own performance, but there are plenty of good reasons to see what your competitors are doing too. Whether its for inspiration, to get a leg up on competition, or just to be nosey, here are

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Beyond The Clicks: Measuring The True Effectiveness of Facebook Ads


A new measurement tool announced by Facebook on January 27th, 2014 will allow marketers to truly determine the reach and effectiveness of their Facebook Ads Campaign as a whole. Lift Measurement is basically a metric that determines additional reach and/or sales caused by an ad’s effect throughout a lifetime of

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5 Ways To Get The Best Performance From Your Facebook Ads


Facebook has allowed Internet Marketers to access and reach a gigantic population, but what good does it do you if its not the right audience? Here are 5 ways to optimize your Facebook ads to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck: 1. Test Different Images:

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Facebook Offers Targeting Segment for Super Bowl Advertisers


The Super Bowl is “Christmas Day” for advertisers, its one of the only times you will hear about people watching something just for the commercials. Advertisers spend months brainstorming how to reach their target audience for the “Big Game” and Facebook may have just changed the strategy altogether. Your Facebook

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3 Free Tools To Define Your Target Audience On Facebook


Facebook offers a suite of built-in tools to help marketers identify, analyze, and ultimately reach their target audience. For Facebook Marketers looking to go the extra mile in audience research, these three free tools are great ways to identify and define exactly who should make up your target audience. 1.

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Facebook Provides More Data For Advertisers Using Conversion Pixels


Typically, when Facebook advertisers use Conversion Pixels, they see when the pixels were fired. Recently, Facebook made it possible to see when the pixels were fired, the time the pixel was fired, the referral for the pixel and the device from which the pixel was fired. If you’re a Facebook

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Facebook Officially Announces Call-To-Action Button For Pages


Facebook Page Admins will soon be able to choose from seven different Call To Action (CTA) buttons, giving marketers a new way to drive traffic directly to their site or app. These buttons, which will sit on top of the page’s cover photo, are a welcome addition to almost any

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Facebook Improves Tools To Help Pages Connect With Target Audience


Facebook has recently responded to requests for better targeting and more intelligence by introducing ways to target posts, remove posts that are no longer relevant, and identify popular link that you haven’t shared on your page. These new features will be nice additions to your Facebook Marketing Strategy. Interest Targeting:

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5 Ways To Use Facebook Website Custom Audiences


Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences (WCA) tool is an impressive new development in the Facebook Advertising Ecosystem. If you are not using it, you are missing out on an incredibly powerful tool. Seriously… if you’re not using Custom Audiences in your Facebook Marketing Strategy, you need to read this and take

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Ideal Length Of Characters, Words, and Videos on Social Media


How much is too much? According to a new infographic by, there are best practices to the lengths of your Tweets, Facebook Posts, YouTube Videos, and more. Check it out:

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