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How Pokemon Go Just Created The Next Big Marketing Channel

Pokemon Go is a worldwide hit. It’s been out for just a handful of days and anyone who’s followed the game’s meteoric rise to the top of the App Stores can attest to that. You can’t go on social media without seeing someone’s latest catch or newest evolution or, and

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4 Ways of Using Facebook Video Comments to Positively Impact Your Ads

I’m always a fan of staying ahead of the curve. As soon as Facebook releases a new feature, or there’s a sign of change, I try to jump on top of it right away. Those that know me a little by now, will know that I try to find out

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Measuring Facebook Ad Success

Measuring success on your Facebook Ads can be very complex. If you are only looking at how many clicks you got, you may be overlooking important data. There are a lot of options when it comes to reporting tools and metrics and some carry more weight than others. Here are

May 22, 2015 0 Read More

Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting

To acheive the greates return on your Facebook advertising investment, you need to understand your target audience. Use the following tips to keep your cost per click low and conversion rates high. 1. Research Audience Data: Using the search tool bar, type the phrase “pages likes by people who like

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Latest Facts & Stats For Facebook Marketers

Things change pretty quick in the Facebook world and marketers need to keep up with the rapid growth. In 2008 when the first social media network was “just a passing fad” there were about 50 million users. Today thee are nearly 1.4 billion users worldwide. The USA and Canada is

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LEAKED: Facebook Ads Will Soon Offer Instagram Ads Via Ads Manager

Are you ready for self-serve advertising on Instagram? The below screenshot was taken today, showing the Facebook Ads Manager’s newest placement option: Instagram. Apparently, this was a bug in Facebook’s system and should not have been rolled out. The new placement was quickly removed, but this is hard evidence that

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3 Stats That Will Improve Your Facebook Marketing

There are plenty of states relating to Facebook advertising but most are meaningless for a business owner advertising on Facebook. Here are a few statistics that will put your advertising strategies in perspective and help you make better decisions regarding Facebook Marketing. 1. Relevance Score: Relevance Scores affect Facebook’s willingness

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Tips To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Here are some very easy fixes to increase Facebook ad conversion rates without simply increasing as spend. The best part is they are quick and easy to implement. 1. Target followers of similar brands: Find specific brands that share your customer base. By targeting their customer base you can find

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How To Get Insane ROI From Facebook Ads

Retargeting. If your not using, you are losing out on ALOT of money. Retargeting is showing ads to people that have already been to your website but haven’t converted yet. These people are very likely to visit again and buy, but your job now is to keep your brand and

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Facebook Ads Split Testing – The Basics

In order to understand if your Facebook advertising is working, you need to understand split testing. Use these basic tips below to recognize what’s working and what’s not to ultimately improve your campaigns ROI. For a split test to be reliable, ever ad you’re testing will need to generate a

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