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Targeting Facebook Ads Based On Device

When it comes to targeting Generation X users with Facebook Ads, marketers assume the best way to reach them is on mobile. A recent study shows that may not be the case. As the info graphic below shows, device usage varies from generation to generation based upon what the activity

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Four Ways To Create A Viral Facebook Video Ad

At this point in the game, we realize that if your not paying for Facebook ads, the likelihood of a small business getting in front of its target audience isn’t high. The good news is, if you’re willing to pay just a little, there are a number of steps you

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Facebook Video Ads To Overtake YouTube in 2015 Advertising

A recent study of 125 agencies, brands and publishers found that 87 percent said they are planning to run Facebook video ad campaigns, knocking YouTube out of the leader position in video advertising. The power of Facebook’s in-stream video ad placements has made it the video advertising platform of 2015.

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What You Should Know About ‘Place Tips’ For Facebook Ads

Facebook’s new feature, Place Tips, provides users with location based recommendations that appear at the top of news feeds whenever you are in close proximity to a location where the feature is active. The feature will include an info card with quick facts related to that business and if a

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SEO and SEM Tips and Prediction

It is no surprise that any digital marking expert would say that the major trend for 2015 is mobile. Mobile marketing is the fastest growing digital advertising channel in the US, but it is just one component of the equation. Here are some other SEO and SEM tips for the

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Facebook Ask Small Businesses to “Evolve With Us”

Over the last years small business started to feel left behind when Facebook began to curb Pages organic reach in News Feeds. Facebook made it clear that the best way to reach customers is to pay for advertising. After years and years of working hard to build a community around

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Using Facebook Groups For Your Business

Facebook groups can support your community building and marketing efforts in a number of ways. 1. Create a Community Around an Event: Holding a seminar or a special giveaway for people who sign up? Creating a group around the event is a great way provide a space for members to

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Facebook Ads Update: Marketers Can Target 92 Million Expats

Facebook has announced a new feature that allows you to target expats living within a given country or originating from a specific county. You can now display ads to people born in Brazil and living in India or any of its 92 million people who live abroad on its network.

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Using Facebook Organic Post Targeting For Higher ROI

Many people are familiar with Facebook ad targeting, but did you know you can target any organic post to a certain demographic? With the decline in Facebook page reach, post targeting may be a feature you need to start using to get your posts in front of the right audience.

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Tips To Generate Ecommerce Sales With Facebook Ads

vWith more than 2 millions business already advertising on Facebook, gaining an audience’s attention is getting harder by the day. Here are a few tips to focus on when setting up your ad campaigns. • Buyer Personas: Often times online retailers try to attract as many people as possible. This

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